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Chicago Investors Conference 2019

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Document Summary

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) - Underwriters (Due by March 2, 2018)
09/20/2019Chicago Investors Conference 2019 AgendaChicago Investors Conference 2019
09/20/2019Chicago Investors Conference 2019 PresentationsChicago Investors Conference 2019
08/14/2019RFP IRMA August 2019 - Responses to QuestionsRFQ/RFP
08/09/2019Request for Expressions of Interest - Midway Airport Direct Pay Letters of CreditRFQ/RFP
08/05/2019RFP - Independent Registered Municipal Advisors (IRMA)RFQ/RFP
Aug 2019Underlying Ratings as of August 2019Ratings Information
06/28/2019FY18 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
01/01/2019FY2019 Budget OverviewBudget Overview
08/02/2018Chicago Investors Conference 2018 - Michael Sacks PresentationChicago Investors Conference 2018
08/02/2018Chicago Investors Conference 2018 - Richard Ciccarone PresentationChicago Investors Conference 2018
08/01/2018RFQ Municipal Advisors August 2018RFQ/RFP
08/01/2018RFQ Municipal Advisors August 2018-2RFQ/RFP
Q3 2018Bond Liquidity, Letter of Credit and Direct Purchase ProvidersLiquidity
06/29/2018FY17 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
Q2 20182018 Q2 Bond FeesFees
02/06/2018 Request for Qualifications (RFQ) - Underwriters RFQ/RFPRequest for Qualifications (RFQ) - Underwriters (Due by March 2, 2018)
01/01/2018FY2018 Budget OverviewBudget Overview
Q1 20182018 Q1 Bond FeesFees
20182018 Bond FeesFees
Q4 20172017 Bond FeesFees
Q3 20172017 Q3 Bond FeesFees
06/30/2017FY16 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
04/24/2017IRMA Exemption LetterIRMA Letter
Q2 20172017 Q2 Bond FeesFees
01/01/2017FY2017 Budget OverviewBudget Overview
Q1 20172017 Q1 Bond FeesFees
2017Chicago Debt Management PolicyPolicies
09/06/2016Tier 3 Plan Design Analysis for MEABFPension
01/01/2016FY2016 Budget OverviewBudget Overview
20162016-2020 Capital Improvement ProgramCapital Improvement Plan (CIP)
20162016 Bond FeesFees
12/31/2015FY2015 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
01/01/2015FY2015 Budget OverviewBudget Overview
20152015-2019 Capital Improvement ProgramCapital Improvement Plan (CIP)
20152015 Bond FeesFees
12/31/2014FY2014 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
Feb 2014Chicago Qualified Independent Representative PolicyPolicies
01/01/2014FY2014 Budget OverviewBudget Overview
20142014-2018 Capital Improvement ProgramCapital Improvement Plan (CIP)
20142014 Bond FeesFees
12/31/2013FY2013 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
01/01/2013FY2013 Budget OverviewBudget Overview
20132013-2017 Capital Improvement ProgramCapital Improvement Plan (CIP)
20132013 Bond FeesFees
12/31/2012FY2012 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
01/01/2012FY2012 Budget OverviewBudget Overview
20122012 Bond FeesFees
12/31/2011FY2011 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
20112011 Bond FeesFees
20102010 Bond FeesFees