About Chicago Sales Tax Bonds

The City of Chicago’s Sales Tax credit collects pledged revenues from the City’s locally collected Home Rule Sales Tax Revenues and the City’s Local Share Sales Tax Revenues collected by the state. 

Sales Tax Bonds may be used in: 

  • Constructing, equipping, altering & repairing various municipal facilities                   
  • Finance capital & infrastructure improvements in the City that includes street & alley construction & improvements, lighting improvements, sidewalk improvements, replacement of curb & gutter, etc.                              
  • Grants to assist educational or cultural institutions within the city,  other municipal corporations, and units of local government or school districts                                
  • Projects that enhance the development of economic activity, including industrial street construction & improvements, streetscaping, hazardous building demolition, shoreline reconstruction, railroad viaduct clearance improvements
  • The acquisition of necessary capital equipment to be purchased by the City
  • Transportation improvements including street resurfacing, bridge & freight tunnel rehabilitation, traffic signal modernization & installation, intersection safety improvements & transit facility improvements